Pro Tip: Organize your apps in seconds, really!

For too long, we have had to let our fingers do the walking when it comes to finding apps on our mobile devices. We scroll through screen after screen, looking for the right icon. Sometimes we break down and use the search function to figure out where we hid the YouTube app or that game we were playing. But Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS 11, is here to make our lives easier with some improved organizational features.

How to quickly and easily wrangle apps into folders

1) Choose an app you would like to group with other apps. Press down and hold (also known as a “long press”) until all the apps begin to wiggle and each one shows a round gray “X” icon.

2) Keep your finger on that app and move it across the screen a little bit until the round “X” symbol disappears.

3) While still holding that app, select other apps you would like to group together with another finger. The stacked apps will come together under your first finger with a number indicating how many apps are in the group you’re building.

4) Drag your stack of apps onto another app and look for a large gray square to pop up with the apps inside. This is the handy new folder that will group those apps together. The folder will now appear on your home screen as a square with small icons of the apps inside. Just touch it to open the folder and access the apps.

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